Machinery Analytics for Continuous Commissioning


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Machinery Analytics for Building Management and Energy Management

Utilizing OwlPLC and Owl Analytics, the HVAC Owl Asset Management System provides automated functional testing and constant commissioning.

Owl Analytics conducts performance tests on building equipment to verify that systems, equipment and interfaces between systems comply with a desired set of criteria. This allows building owners, managers and facilities personnel to verify system performance and identify system faults and inefficient building operations. 

Because the system is continuously watching building and equipment performance, issues are identified quickly.  The results of these tests are presented as email alarms and on operational dashboards, in a format that makes the data Simple, Intuitive, Faster, Better.


State of the art software paired with high-tech sensors - so you can easily perform real time preventative maintenance on your commercial HVAC systems.  HVAC Owl by CW Industries: 303-233-8653

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