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Merlin Analytics | Building Automation | Facility Management | HVAC Monitoring

HVACOWL energy management products are tools that are used to combat chronic problems in HVAC systems and save you thousands of dollars in maintenance in the future.

Our software paired with high-tech wireless, wired sensors and programmable I/O, make up the Owl Analytics System. The innovative technology of the Owl System provides diagnostic capabilities, giving customers the ability to perform real-time preventative HVAC maintenance.

How Owl Analytics Works:

  • Wireless and wired sensors collect real-time data on your HVAC system. 
  • Our Owl Analytics solution uses a combination of industry standards, statistics, and historical values to scan for and detect abnormalities and deviations in the health of your HVAC system.
  • This data is then sent back to a cloud service through a secure wireless cellular device, or via a client's Virtual Private Network (VPN).
  • If our software detects values that are outside acceptable ranges, e-mail service alerts, service manuals, and/or technical papers are sent to the responsible party. 

Owl Analytics & Viewing Alerts


Merlin Analytics | Building Automation | Facility Management | HVAC Monitoring
Always Know the Health & Status of Building Equipment and HVAC Systems

An e-mail alert from the Owl Analytics system will indicate if there is an alarm condition present. Through the e-mail, clients can view "Event" and "Status" pages, which show the status of your HVAC equipment at the time of the alarm, specifics of the alarm, or the specific event that triggered the alert. 

All of our clients at CW Industries are assigned a Web Portal login, where they can view the status of equipment, alarms, and recommendations at any time. Access to our Web Portal, as well as other client portals, can be given to service technicians and professionals for a more in-depth analysis of your HVAC equipment. 


State of the art software paired with high-tech sensors - so you can easily perform real time preventative maintenance on your commercial HVAC systems.  HVAC Owl by CW Industries: 303-233-8653

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