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Energy usage data is collected and sent to the CW Industries cloud server in real-time and near real-time depending on the customer's preferences.  Owl Analytics will monitor current and historical data, leverage external weather data, look for usage, inefficiencies, etc.  If there are histories available to import into the EIS, the history can be used to do benchmarking, forecasting and trend analysis.  If histories are not available, Analytics will begin benchmarking, forecasting and trend analysis once a sufficient amount of data has been collected and stored.

Weather data that is monitored and provided includes; current temperature, humidity, speed, barometric pressure, dew point, wind chill and heat index.

Analytics sends alarms to the organization's desired recipients upon detection of abnormalities or inefficiencies.  These alarms can be sent as a summary of all active alerts, or separate alerts can be sent based on location and meter.  Frequency and prioroty can be adjusted to Customer's desire.

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