Energy Information Systems and Energy Dashboards


Energy Dashboards for Building Monitoring


Our Energy Dashboards have over 30 available charts and graphs. These graphs and charts can be generated using either real-time or historical equipment data, as well as trends and comparisons.  A set of standard reports is also available, and reports can be customized to specific date ranges and data. 

A standard Energy Dashboard design is seen above. This design allows clients to select graphs, charts, web links, and data that they would like to have displayed. 

Our Energy Dashboards can be branded with the client's logo and coloring.  Once a layout and design is chosen and defined, the Dashboard will become the standard for all of the client's buildings. Four link boxes along the top of the Dashboard will be designated as the Live Dashboard for real time data, reports, alerts and history.

Our system is capable of handling as many sites as a client requires.  Wireless and/or wired sensors and meters can be added at any time for monitoring of other building utilities and equipment.


State of the art software paired with high-tech sensors - so you can easily perform real time preventative maintenance on your commercial HVAC systems.  HVAC Owl by CW Industries: 303-233-8653

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